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Is Microsoft going to release Windows 11 or just an update to Windows 10?

It is becoming increasingly clear that Microsoft is preparing a major Windows update.

Multiple leaks indicate Windows 11 (or not) will be unveiled at the upcoming Microsoft event.

Microsoft has been teasing a system update called Sun Valley for some time now. According to leaked details and official announcements, the update will bring the most significant change since Windows 10.

Although Microsoft has not yet provided any details, it has revealed that it is planning a major online event on Jun 24th, focusing on Windows and the operating system's future. There is a high chance that this will be the big reveal.

The mysterious advertisement is made even more interesting by a preview shared on Twitter, which shows a slightly modified version of the well-known Windows logo. You can see the sun pass in front of the window, and the number 11 projected onto the floor.

Anyone who wants to follow the big announcement can do so live on Jun 24th from 5 pm local time.

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