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    Hackers managed to manipulate Twitter’s algorithm for years.


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    A new study has discovered a vulnerability in Twitter’s trending algorithm that makes the platform susceptible to astroturfing attacks. Astroturfing attacks are when undisclosed paid employees of corporations and government organizations attempt to get their message and their views out to the public by using social media networks. To give a false appearance of natural […] More

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    Is Microsoft going to release Windows 11 or just an update to Windows 10?

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    Multiple leaks indicate Windows 11 (or not) will be unveiled at the upcoming Microsoft event. Microsoft has been teasing a system update called Sun Valley for some time now. According to leaked details and official announcements, the update will bring the most significant change since Windows 10. Although Microsoft has not yet provided any details, […] More

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    Google Chrome alerts you when suspicious extensions are detected.

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    With version 91, Google has started adding new features to the browser’s advanced protection settings to filter malicious downloads and make smarter choices about plug-ins. Google is further improving the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature in the Chrome browser, protecting users from malicious chrome extensions. The program warns you via a new dialog box if Enhanced […] More

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    Microsoft just issued a warning: SolarWinds hackers are attacking again.

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    Another major cyberattack has recently hit several companies and government institutions. The origin of the attacks points to the same group that is responsible for the SolarWinds breach! Microsoft warns that the Russian hacker group behind the recent SolarWinds attack has launched a new, wide-ranging offensive against the US and international government agencies, public organizations, […] More

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    A critical vulnerability was found in vCenter produced by VMware.

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    VMware, a major software supplier to the enterprise sector, has announced on its official Blog that a severe bug in one of its leading products has been found and fixed. A vulnerability, known as CVE-2021-21985, allows someone to remotely execute code on vCenter machines using default configurations if they are connected to the Internet. The […] More

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    Facebook will hide posts from people who regularly share fake news.

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    Facebook can be a great place to share information and news, but the platform has a big problem with misinformation. Fake news sites that pump out scare stories and spread misinformation through ads started to appear a few years ago and are still very active today. But finally, the days of posting fake news on […] More

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    Apple has released a clever video that explains the benefits of turning off app tracking.

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    In an entertaining yet insightful video, Apple explains why “App Tracking Transparency” is beneficial to end-users. In iOS 14.5, Apple unveiled the App Tracking Transparency feature to safeguard iPhone users’ privacy. You can specify which applications can track your activity, where you go and what content you share, and you can even disable all tracking […] More

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    New phishing attacks targeting Facebook administrators are on the rise.

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    Cybercriminals are using targeted phishing attacks to obtain the administrator passwords of Facebook pages of several businesses and organizations. Potential victims include both small and large pages with tens of thousands of followers. If a phishing attack is successful, the organization can lose a lot of money; not only that, they can also lose access […] More

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    Ransomware? Do not pay! Warns UK Home Secretary.

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    Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common, and in successful cases, can trap entire corporate networks or blackmail their victims by making their data public. The aim, unsurprisingly, is to make the ransom as high as possible. For organizations that have been victims of ransomware attacks, paying ransoms can seem like the only reasonable […] More

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    Qualcomm’s New Reference Design will help speed up the 5G adaptation.

    5g technology

    Qualcomm is one of the world’s most innovative wireless technology companies. They unveiled several 5G developments at the 5G Summit, in which many are minor improvements. However, one crucial solution addresses a significant problem and will help OEMs design 5G systems. For notebooks with wireless connectivity, the need for manufacturers to subject their designs to […] More

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