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    How to Stay Safe Online When Buying Gifts This Christmas

    online shopping for christmas

    Most people are probably still looking for the perfect Christmas deals. However, with the Covid virus still, very much around, even more of us (I’m one of them) know that it is probably safer to purchase presents online. With that said, it is important to click carefully when shopping online. Avoid fake promotions Cybercriminals will […] More

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    The Best Truly Free Antivirus Protection in 2021 – 2022


    anti virus protection detection and removal program

    Which antivirus program is the best? Should you use a 3rd party antivirus software or the built-in Microsoft Security enough? What are some of the best free antivirus programs with real-time protection that aren’t compromising on features? Users will inevitably run into these types of questions, and the answers found on the internet are often […] More

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    The SolarWinds hackers are attacking again.

    man login password security login password security sign

    The SolarWinds hacker group who carried out one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated cyber-attacks last year is again in the spotlight. In late May, Nobelium carried out a large-scale phishing attack by compromising the email marketing system used by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Microsoft has once again drawn attention to […] More

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    Microsoft Edge password manager received a much-needed update.

    cyber security internet and networking conceptbusinessman hand

    Microsoft aims to protect the privacy of users and maintain the safety of their personal information. Microsoft Edge, a web browser developed and marketed by Microsoft, has been gaining popularity recently. While it is still behind Google Chrome, it has become an increasingly popular alternative. The Chromium-based browser has over 600 million users, and Microsoft […] More

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    Apple’s M1 (ARM) processor-based Macs are a real blockbuster.

    apple store shop front side of the central world shopping center thailand

    A recent article on IEEE Spectrum highlights that Apple has generated record revenues of 9.1 billion dollars by increasing Mac sales by 70 percent in a year. More than half of the Macs sold this year were equipped with the new M1 processor, which is a significant achievement since it was launched last November. The […] More

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    Here’s the first glimpse of Windows 11 (Sun Walley)

    microsoft logo on top of its manhattan on store at fifth avenue on oct 31 2015 in new york

    Here’s the first glimpse of Windows 11 (Sun Walley) Microsoft will officially unveil Windows 11 on the 24th of June, but we have already received a taste of what to expect from Microsoft’s latest big launch due to multiple leaks. What is clear from the first pictures is that the new OS is not that […] More

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    Hackers managed to manipulate Twitter’s algorithm for years.

    twitter on the screen of a black smartphone in a mans hand

    A new study has discovered a vulnerability in Twitter’s trending algorithm that makes the platform susceptible to astroturfing attacks. Astroturfing attacks are when undisclosed paid employees of corporations and government organizations attempt to get their message and their views out to the public by using social media networks. To give a false appearance of natural […] More

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    Is Microsoft going to release Windows 11 or just an update to Windows 10?

    microsoft building

    Multiple leaks indicate Windows 11 (or not) will be unveiled at the upcoming Microsoft event. Microsoft has been teasing a system update called Sun Valley for some time now. According to leaked details and official announcements, the update will bring the most significant change since Windows 10. Although Microsoft has not yet provided any details, […] More

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    Google Chrome alerts you when suspicious extensions are detected.


    privacy access identification password passcode and privacy

    With version 91, Google has started adding new features to the browser’s advanced protection settings to filter malicious downloads and make smarter choices about plug-ins. Google is further improving the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature in the Chrome browser, protecting users from malicious chrome extensions. The program warns you via a new dialog box if Enhanced […] More

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    Microsoft just issued a warning: SolarWinds hackers are attacking again.

    modern web hacking concept

    Another major cyberattack has recently hit several companies and government institutions. The origin of the attacks points to the same group that is responsible for the SolarWinds breach! Microsoft warns that the Russian hacker group behind the recent SolarWinds attack has launched a new, wide-ranging offensive against the US and international government agencies, public organizations, […] More

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