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Microsoft Edge password manager received a much-needed update.

The New Password Health feature, which monitors the lifetime of passwords, is now available.

Microsoft aims to protect the privacy of users and maintain the safety of their personal information.

Microsoft Edge, a web browser developed and marketed by Microsoft, has been gaining popularity recently. While it is still behind Google Chrome, it has become an increasingly popular alternative.

The Chromium-based browser has over 600 million users, and Microsoft is constantly innovating to make browsing more convenient and secure.

For example, the April update limited the number of ads that automatically trigger. In addition, an option launched in May makes it easier for online shoppers to find coupons on their mobile phones.

This time, Microsoft has redesigned the Edge Password Manager; thanks to the update, the Password Health feature, which monitors the lifetime of passwords, is now available.

This means that browsers no longer only store passwords but also monitors how strong or frequently used by the user.

Because it makes sense to use separate passwords on different websites, Edge warns you to avoid using the same one all the time. It also warns you if one of your passwords is leaked in any way.

The Password Manager is available in Microsoft Edge Canary 93 and can be downloaded for free from the developer page.

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