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    Microsoft’s Edge Browser: A Controversial Move to Increase Adoption

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    Microsoft’s push to increase adoption of its Edge browser has sparked heated debate among IT professionals. The company’s recent move to have Outlook email links open in Edge, even when users have set a different browser as their default, has left many experts unhappy. In this article, we delve into the details of Microsoft’s controversial […] More

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    Microsoft Relentlessly Promotes their Edge Browser.

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    Microsoft’s Forced Edge Browser is the Latest in a Line of Annoying Windows 11 Features Microsoft has been trying to force its Edge browser on computer users since its debut in Windows 10. Even if they set another browser as default, it always opens when links are clicked from the search bar of the taskbar. […] More

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    Microsoft Edge password manager received a much-needed update.

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    Microsoft aims to protect the privacy of users and maintain the safety of their personal information. Microsoft Edge, a web browser developed and marketed by Microsoft, has been gaining popularity recently. While it is still behind Google Chrome, it has become an increasingly popular alternative. The Chromium-based browser has over 600 million users, and Microsoft […] More

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    Internet Explorer 11 will retire next summer.

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    Internet Explorer 11 has just over a year to go before Microsoft retires the browser next summer. On June 15, 2022, Microsoft will say goodbye to Internet Explorer 11, and with it the complete browser family that once saw better days, Microsoft says in a blog post. Microsoft’s web services and applications no longer support […] More