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    A cyberattack may have hit German’s banks and critical infrastructure.


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    According to Bild, a state-sponsored Russian hacker group is behind the campaign, which the German authorities have not officially confirmed yet. A Russian state-backed hacker group known as Fancy Bear has carried out a large-scale cyberattack on critical infrastructure and the local banking system in Germany in recent days, Bild newspaper reported, citing intelligence sources. […] More

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    A third-party driver called Netfilter obtained Microsoft certification even though it contained malware.

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    It is still unclear how a virus was approved by Microsoft and made its way into Windows. To keep Windows users safe, Microsoft must approve software that third parties create for the operating system. However, it seems that even with a strict control system in place, malware has managed to slip through the company’s screening […] More

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    The SolarWinds hackers are attacking again.

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    The SolarWinds hacker group who carried out one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated cyber-attacks last year is again in the spotlight. In late May, Nobelium carried out a large-scale phishing attack by compromising the email marketing system used by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Microsoft has once again drawn attention to […] More

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    How do I find out if your computer can upgrade to Windows 11?


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    Microsoft last week unveiled Windows 11, which will replace Windows 10 over time and will be the next generation of the operating system. Windows 11 hardware requirements: Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster. RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB) or greater. Storage: 64 GB* or larger Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot […] More

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    The previous version of Windows will be able to upgrade to the new Windows 11 for free.

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    Microsoft officially unveiled the next version 11 of its Windows family of operating systems on Thursday. The company has confirmed that Windows 10 users will be able to migrate to Windows 11 without paying an additional license fee, similar to what they did in the last major updates of Windows. The roll-out plan for the […] More

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    The European Union will set up a joint cybersecurity unit to combat cyber threats.


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    In response to the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, the European Commission has presented a proposal for a new joint cybersecurity unit capable of a modern and coordinated response. The EU Commission has stressed that cyber-attacks are growing in scale and have a severe impact on the functioning of public services and individuals’ lives. Too often, […] More

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    China’s semiconductor industry is hitting new highs.

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    According to an article in the South China Morning Post, China has significantly increased its domestic chip production. It shows that nearly 30 billion chips were produced in China in May alone, rising 37.6% compared to last year. China has made 139 billion different semiconductors this year, a 48.3 percent jump compared to the first […] More

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    Microsoft Edge password manager received a much-needed update.

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    Microsoft aims to protect the privacy of users and maintain the safety of their personal information. Microsoft Edge, a web browser developed and marketed by Microsoft, has been gaining popularity recently. While it is still behind Google Chrome, it has become an increasingly popular alternative. The Chromium-based browser has over 600 million users, and Microsoft […] More

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    To provide a safer search result, Google updates its ranking algorithm.

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    To provide a safer search result, Google updates its ranking algorithm. It can also completely remove rankings if it detects or receives feedback about harmful web content. Google Search can be very efficient because of the excellent performance of the ranking algorithm. However, nothing is perfect, and Google Search has to improve from a security […] More

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    Uptick in Crypto mining malware in Q1 2021

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    Cryptomining malware is rapidly evolving, and today it is much more sophisticated and harmful than in the past. It’s not only a threat to computers but also smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. Cryptomining viruses can also make their way onto computers through file-sharing programs, email attachments, and malicious websites. The number of new modified variants […] More

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    Hackers managed to manipulate Twitter’s algorithm for years.

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    A new study has discovered a vulnerability in Twitter’s trending algorithm that makes the platform susceptible to astroturfing attacks. Astroturfing attacks are when undisclosed paid employees of corporations and government organizations attempt to get their message and their views out to the public by using social media networks. To give a false appearance of natural […] More

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