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    Attention Hackers Have Planted A Dangerous Virus In The Most Popular Windows Activation Bypass Software KMSPico.

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    Attention, hackers have planted a dangerous virus in the most popular Windows activation bypass software KMSPico. A security company recently released a statement that individuals who use pirated versions of Windows to bypass Office activation illegally may be infected with Cryptobot. It has been reported that an infected version of a tool called KMSPico has […] More

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    Microsoft Relentlessly Promotes their Edge Browser.

    company employees show boredom from unfinished work using computer notebook documents and tablets at work

    Microsoft’s Forced Edge Browser is the Latest in a Line of Annoying Windows 11 Features Microsoft has been trying to force its Edge browser on computer users since its debut in Windows 10. Even if they set another browser as default, it always opens when links are clicked from the search bar of the taskbar. […] More

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    Fraud and Theft on Decentralized Markets Discussed in New Study

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    Decentralized financial platforms are becoming increasingly vulnerable to fraud and theft. According to a recent study by Elliptic, losses on these platforms have amounted to 10.5 billion this year alone. The rapidly growing but unregulated DeFi platforms also allow lending and savings, usually in a cryptocurrency, bypassing traditional financial institutions and banks altogether. As a […] More

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    The most embarrassingly clumsy passwords of 2021

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    Nordpass, a VPN company, has once again collected the weakest passwords of the year, and the situation has not improved. If we want to remember our passwords, coming up with them can be a somewhat creative task, but as Nordpass’s annual list shows, we don’t spend much time on this critical step. Nordpass commissioned a […] More

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    The latest Windows 10, November 2021 Update, is now available.

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    Microsoft on Tuesday made the latest update to Windows 10 available for everyone to download. Unfortunately, the November 2021 Update doesn’t bring anything exciting, but that’s not surprising since Microsoft has largely moved them to Windows 11. Actually, that’s not entirely true; there is one cool new feature; the Windows Subsystem for Linux provides access […] More

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    New surveillance software was discovered on Android phones.

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      The PhoneSpy surveillance software, modeled after Pegasus, is reported to have been used to monitor and steal data from people in South Korea. PhoneSpy is a mobile phone spying software that provides full access to your targets’ smartphones. Record audio, video, take photos, steal contacts, SMS messages. PhoneSpy is sometimes disguised as a supposedly […] More

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    The US Intelligence Community offered $10 million to hunt down a cybercriminal group.


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    The United States government offers a reward of up to $10 million for anyone who provides information that leads to the apprehension of the DarkSide cybercrime group. According to the FBI, the group may have originated in Russia. The reward is for anyone identifying one of the group’s leaders and pointing the FBI in the […] More

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    Microsoft is Releasing a Small Business Version of Defender.


    Microsoft Windows Defender for Business on Laptop

    Microsoft on Tuesday officially announced the upcoming release of Microsoft Defender for Business, which will soon be available in a preview edition. The new security suite provides enterprise-level endpoint security for up to 300 employees in an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. Price Once the service is available, customers can purchase the security platform directly from […] More

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    8 Tips to Protect your Business from Cyber-attacks


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    As a business owner, it’s crucial to understand how cyber threats work and how you can protect your company. Cyber threats can take many forms, including hacking, malware, social engineering, and ransomware. To protect your company against cyber threats, be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest IT trends. This includes using an advanced firewall, […] More

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    Stay away from Squid Game apps in the Google Play Store

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    Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the interest in the hit Netflix series, The Squid Game, with several malicious apps found in the Google Play store that spread dangerous malware. The app, called “Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD” promises wallpapers, has been confirmed to contain the Joker malware, which has wreaked havoc on users several times […] More

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    AMD Ryzen 6000 Series is just around the corner.


    The AMD Ryzen family of desktop and notebook processors is rapidly being updated. As of the last report, the 6000 series of processors are currently in production. However, several short announcements have shown up on the company’s Twitter page announcing the update of the current generation, the Ryzen 5000 family. This time, for whatever reason, […] More

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    Acer has been hacked, and their customer data have been compromised.

    Acer skyscrapers from below

    Acer has confirmed that a cyber attack hit their Indian offices, and the Desorden Group hacker group stole 60GB of files from company servers. The cybercriminal group stole company business and financial data along with customer information. In addition, Acer’s Indian resellers were also hacked, with some of the logins compromised. The company quickly admitted […] More

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