The European Union will set up a joint cybersecurity unit to combat cyber threats.

Coordinated EU response through collaboration.

In response to the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, the European Commission has presented a proposal for a new joint cybersecurity unit capable of a modern and coordinated response.

The EU Commission has stressed that cyber-attacks are growing in scale and have a severe impact on the functioning of public services and individuals' lives.

Too often, the cybersecurity communities, including civilian, law enforcement, diplomatic, and cyber defense communities and private sector partners, operate in isolation.

The Joint Cybersecurity Unit will aim to effectively prevent and manage mass security incidents and crises by pooling the resources and expertise available to the EU and its Member States. The multi-national cyber-security unit will share a virtual and physical collaboration platform, which will ensure a coordinated EU response through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and even advance warnings to help recover from attacks.

The EU Commission aims to have the unit operational by June 30, 2022.


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