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    Exciting New Chips Announced by Intel on Computex 2021


    Intel’s new processors will deliver a healthy boost in speed while lowering power consumption, but unfortunately, there is no end in sight to the worldwide chip shortage. The Global chip shortage. According to Intel’s CEO, solving the global chip shortage may not be resolved this year and can take longer than accepted. In his keynote […] More

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    Google Assistant just received a bunch of family-friendly features!


    google home smart control of light and heating in the apartment through the app on your smartphone

    The Broadcast feature and Family Bell got a lot more functional. Language support is much more inclusive, new stories are great, and of course, more games, which is always a plus! Do more with the broadcast feature. Google is constantly improving its helpful Assistant service, and now several solutions could be beneficial for families. The […] More

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    The new Armv9 CPU Family promises a significant boost in speed and energy efficiency.

    realms of cpu

    The silicon maker Arm will continue with its earlier plan to phase out its 32-bit processors and focus on the 64-bit architecture, which promises a significant speed increase and better overall user experience. The most exciting member of the new Armv9 series is the Cortex-X2 CPU, which shows improvements in performance and security. It remains […] More

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    Seagate’s new 14 TB HDD is almost as fast as an SSD

    seagate hard drive

    Seagate has proudly unveiled the world’s fastest hard disk drive to date. The Mach.2 Exos 2X14 model for data centers can theoretically read and write speeds of up to 524 MB/s, which is very close to the rates typically seen on SSDs using SATA interfaces. Seagate performed the trick by building two hard drives into […] More

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    Qualcomm’s New Reference Design will help speed up the 5G adaptation.

    5g technology

    Qualcomm is one of the world’s most innovative wireless technology companies. They unveiled several 5G developments at the 5G Summit, in which many are minor improvements. However, one crucial solution addresses a significant problem and will help OEMs design 5G systems. For notebooks with wireless connectivity, the need for manufacturers to subject their designs to […] More

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    Unfortunately, the IFA 2021 exhibition has been canceled.

    the pc show it exhibition and showcase

    Unfortunately, the IFA 2021 exhibition has been canceled. In mid-April, many people felt the need to sit down and take a deep breath after hearing the news that Europe’s largest tech exhibition will be held in early September this year despite the pandemic. Of course, the organizers have declared that they intend to introduce strict […] More

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    Apple may be developing a mighty 40 core processor

    waiting for the new mac pro

    Apple may be developing a 40 core processor, which will be the heart of the most powerful Mac Pro up to date. According to Bloomberg, Apple may equip the future Mac Pro with a notably more powerful processor than before. When the announcement was made that apple would be developing its own processor for Macs, […] More

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    Global 5G smartphone sales rise in 2021, and Apple is on top.

    5g network connection concept illustrated by smart city and buil

    Last October, Apple launched its first 5G-compatible smartphones: the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The super-fast mobile network is enjoying massive popularity worldwide, and it’s no surprise that they have catapulted to the top of the 5G global market. According to the latest numbers, Apple’s 5G-enabled phones […] More