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Exciting New Chips Announced by Intel on Computex 2021

The company’s 11th-generation U-Series laptop processors unveiled

Intel's new processors will deliver a healthy boost in speed while lowering power consumption, but unfortunately, there is no end in sight to the worldwide chip shortage.

The Global chip shortage.

According to Intel's CEO, solving the global chip shortage may not be resolved this year and can take longer than accepted.

In his keynote speech at Computex in Taipei, Intel's Chief Executive Officer Patrick Gelsinger reiterated that the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of teleworking and distance learning had caused an explosion in demand for semiconductors, which has also crippled global supply chains.

As reported many times in the news this year, the disruptions have not only forced car manufacturers to cut or suspend production but have also caused problems in several industries, including consumer electronics manufacturers.

Gelsinger claims that industry players have taken serious steps to address the short-term problems. However, it will still be years before the entire ecosystem catches up in raw materials, components, or manufacturing capacity.

Intel is stepping up production.

Intel announced that it invested $20 billion this year to expand its chipmaking capacity and set up two new plants in Arizona. The expansion would continue into several areas in the US and Europe, contributing to a secure and sustainable semiconductor supply chain.

New chips are on the way.

Meanwhile, the company's 11th-generation U-Series laptop processors, the i7-1195G7 and i5-1155G7 editions have been unveiled, featuring the Iris Xe graphics controller. Intel's enhanced Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig) networking capabilities and support for other standards and the manufacturer's commitment to making “thin and light” laptops enhance the new models' solid performance.

In any case, Intel promises more than 60 consumer specifications based on the new processors, bringing at least 250 OEM designs to the market. HP, Acer, and ASUS are among the first OEMs getting the 11th generation Intel Core U-Series models. Along with the arrival of the new chips, the company's first 5G M.2 solution has also earned certifications from operators worldwide.

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