The latest Windows 10, November 2021 Update, is now available.

We recommend updating to the most current version as soon as possible

Microsoft on Tuesday made the latest update to Windows 10 available for everyone to download. Unfortunately, the November 2021 Update doesn't bring anything exciting, but that's not surprising since Microsoft has largely moved them to Windows 11.

Actually, that's not entirely true; there is one cool new feature; the Windows Subsystem for Linux provides access to the graphics card in an open-source environment, enabling hardware-accelerated rendering. This allows graphical Linux programs to run faster in the Linux environment, and some applications that use the graphics card for highly parallel computing tasks can run significantly faster.

At the same time as the release of the November 2021 Update, Microsoft has announced that it will sync future Windows 10 updates with Windows 11. This means that the two systems will receive update packs similar to the current one simultaneously and once a year, which will include functional improvements and the usual bug fixes.

Windows 10 latest update comes with improvements, bug fixes, and security updates. Therefore, we recommend updating to the most current version as soon as possible. However, the update is optional for everyone else, and Windows Update won't force it until early next year.

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