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    Artificial intelligence will make cyber-attacks more dangerous in 2022.

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    The new year is no exception to virus and hacker attacks. Security experts predict that cybercriminals will use artificial intelligence and complex malware attacks to turn up the heat. NextGen Software Tools Cyber-attacks in the future will still be dominated by organized groups that share preparation, programming, and execution tasks. In addition, there are many […] More

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    The Best Truly Free Antivirus Protection in 2021 – 2022

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    Which antivirus program is the best? Should you use a 3rd party antivirus software or the built-in Microsoft Security enough? What are some of the best free antivirus programs with real-time protection that aren’t compromising on features? Users will inevitably run into these types of questions, and the answers found on the internet are often […] More

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    Is Microsoft going to release Windows 11 or just an update to Windows 10?

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    Multiple leaks indicate Windows 11 (or not) will be unveiled at the upcoming Microsoft event. Microsoft has been teasing a system update called Sun Valley for some time now. According to leaked details and official announcements, the update will bring the most significant change since Windows 10. Although Microsoft has not yet provided any details, […] More