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Artificial intelligence will make cyber-attacks more dangerous in 2022.

The new year is no exception to virus and hacker attacks. Security experts predict that cybercriminals will use artificial intelligence and complex malware attacks to turn up the heat.

NextGen Software Tools

Cyber-attacks in the future will still be dominated by organized groups that share preparation, programming, and execution tasks. In addition, there are many more sophisticated and legitimate software tools available to the attackers. For example, the AI-based tool Codex speeds up the development process of new malware and reduces turnovers. Further, new languages like kotlin and swift are used by attackers. Unfortunately, these languages are not fully supported in the virus labs yet, so new malware will be more challenging to detect.

New Ransomware Variants.

The number of threats in existence is just going to keep evolving, such as multi-level attacks that use multiple attack tools to get the job done. An example of illicit cyber activities would be to steal data from companies, encrypt data on the network, and then perform a Denial-of-service attack using them. Furthermore, the perpetrators might blackmail all parties involved into complying to divulge confidential information in the form of threats to their customers.

In addition to businesses, interconnected products such as vehicles and games consoles can also be targeted by criminals. As a result, connected devices and industrial systems are also attractive targets.

Android on Windows 11 may be a problem.

Microsoft's decision to allow Android apps integrated into the Windows operating system means a new breed of danger. This change will enable users to enjoy games and applications on a larger screen, which is fantastic; however, it can also provide criminals with a new way to attack the host OS. Furthermore, since many businesses allow personal Android devices on work networks, the attack surface of these corporate networks will increase.

SMBs are in the crosshairs.

A report from this year shows cybercriminals using small sub-contractors to gain access to the IT networks of large companies. Small and medium-sized businesses are of interest to hackers because they have less security than larger corporations.

So there you have it; it will be an exciting year for Cybersecurity; let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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