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    Is Your Face at Risk? “Gold Pickaxe” Malware Threatens Your Identity


    Face Scan Malware

      The Dangerous New Hack That Could Hijack Your Identity A disturbing new form of malware is making waves in the cybersecurity world. Dubbed “Gold Pickaxe,” this dangerous software uses social engineering tricks to steal your face and, ultimately, your money. The alarming potential for identity theft and financial fraud cannot be understated. Unlike standard […] More

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    6 Really Good Reasons To Get A VPN in 2022

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    Protecting personal information is critical in both the home and the workplace. Data security is essential to keep private information safe, and breaking down regional barriers helps businesses work more efficiently. What is a VPN, and how does it work? A VPN, or virtual private network, is an encrypted connection between your computer (or phone […] More

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    Artificial intelligence will make cyber-attacks more dangerous in 2022.

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    The new year is no exception to virus and hacker attacks. Security experts predict that cybercriminals will use artificial intelligence and complex malware attacks to turn up the heat. NextGen Software Tools Cyber-attacks in the future will still be dominated by organized groups that share preparation, programming, and execution tasks. In addition, there are many […] More

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    Stay away from Squid Game apps in the Google Play Store

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    Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the interest in the hit Netflix series, The Squid Game, with several malicious apps found in the Google Play store that spread dangerous malware. The app, called “Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD” promises wallpapers, has been confirmed to contain the Joker malware, which has wreaked havoc on users several times […] More

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    A third-party driver called Netfilter obtained Microsoft certification even though it contained malware.

    composite image of spiral of shiny binary code

    It is still unclear how a virus was approved by Microsoft and made its way into Windows. To keep Windows users safe, Microsoft must approve software that third parties create for the operating system. However, it seems that even with a strict control system in place, malware has managed to slip through the company’s screening […] More

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    The 3 most dangerous malware and vulnerabilities of 2021 so far are:

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    The Check Point Research has released its latest Global Threat Index for April 2021. According to the researchers, Agent Tesla made its debut on the list, ranking number two, while the well-known Dridex Trojan remained the most prevalent malware. Dridex, a Trojan targeting Windows systems, went viral this past month with its QuickBooks Malspam campaign: […] More

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    Apple Vice President says Mac malware is a serious problem.

    exterior view of apple store on t

    The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, the developer of Fortnite, is still ongoing because the developer has challenged the Cupertino-based company’s tight control over iOS on more than 1 billion devices. Epic wants to expand app installation choice on iOS, similar to how it’s possible on Android. However, Apple has ruled this out, […] More

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    Cyber Security Firm Report That Monero-Mining Malware is Evolving

    Monero mining big yellow mining truck 1

    KingMiner is a malware program that hijacks a host computer and diverts the computer’s processing power towards mining a cryptocurrency called Monero. This malware infects Windows Servers and uses several ingenious methods to avoid detection. KingMiner was first detected back in June, and new ways were developed to detect its presence, but reports from Check […] More

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    Insiders Pose The Greatest Risk To Company’s Cyber Security

    password security log in technology

    Employees are a company’s weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. A certain amount of employee negligence, which is when an employee is unaware of how his/her careless actions leave a company vulnerable to attack, is unavoidable but those risks can be mitigated. Some reports claim that malicious insiders account for 27% of all cybercrime. […] More

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    Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities Increased This Year.

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    Software exploiting Microsoft Office vulnerabilities leads the list of cyber incidents for the first quarter of this year. The number of users attacked by malicious Microsoft Office documents is up 400%, compared to the same period of 2017, according to the latest Kaspersky Lab report. Also, such attacks based on software vulnerabilities are powerful because […] More

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    New Ransomware Pretends You Are Under Investigation by The Government.

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    Ransomware is a nasty malware where criminals take control of your computer and force you to pay a ransom to regain access to your data. The new twist, however, is that the criminals make it look like the government is coming after you. The pop-up messages can be quite scary at first claiming that the […] More

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    A 21-Year-Old Hacker is Heading to Jail for Selling Malware and Operating a Massive Botnet


    ddos concept with the focus on the return button overlaid with b

    A young hacker in the UK was sentenced to two years in prison for launching DDoS attacks against high-profile companies and selling hacking tools in the dark web. The 21-year-old youngster from Liverpool orchestrated coordinated attacks against some well-known brands including Google and Skype. The hacker ran a massive botnet with about seven thousand infected […] More

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