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Apple Vice President says Mac malware is a serious problem.

macOS may not be as secure as the company often claims Craig Federighi has testified in court.

The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, the developer of Fortnite, is still ongoing because the developer has challenged the Cupertino-based company's tight control over iOS on more than 1 billion devices.

Epic wants to expand app installation choice on iOS, similar to how it's possible on Android. However, Apple has ruled this out, citing security issues, while Epic argues it's more an issue of lost revenue.

In the lawsuit, Apple's vice president of software testified about serious malware problems on the Mac, which, unlike iOS, allows installing programs from external sources.

He was asked why it is possible to install apps from external sources on Apple computers and not on the iPhone. Federighi replies that the app installation practices are regularly abused on the Mac. He added that iOS offers users a level of security that the Mac in its current form cannot match.

He also described their fight against Malware as an endless game of “hit the mole,” where a new target always appears, no matter how many are eliminated. Since May last year, 130 new malware threats have been detected, one of which has infected 300,000 systems.

However, Federighi, in response to a question, still called the Mac the most secure personal computer on the market.

The testimony was a little bit conflicting because the Apple marketing team promoted Macs as the most secure computer for ages!

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