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    Artificial intelligence will make cyber-attacks more dangerous in 2022.

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    The new year is no exception to virus and hacker attacks. Security experts predict that cybercriminals will use artificial intelligence and complex malware attacks to turn up the heat. NextGen Software Tools Cyber-attacks in the future will still be dominated by organized groups that share preparation, programming, and execution tasks. In addition, there are many […] More

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    Insiders Pose The Greatest Risk To Company’s Cyber Security

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    Employees are a company’s weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. A certain amount of employee negligence, which is when an employee is unaware of how his/her careless actions leave a company vulnerable to attack, is unavoidable but those risks can be mitigated. Some reports claim that malicious insiders account for 27% of all cybercrime. […] More

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    Cyber Security Issues and Challenges: Malware

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    According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, Malware Security Threats top the list of cybersecurity threats. Average Internet users get deceived into downloading seemingly innocent software programs but are unaware that they are strapped with viruses, one subcategory that falls under a broader category called malware. Malware can be difficult to remove, especially if you […] More