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Qualcomm’s New Reference Design will help speed up the 5G adaptation.

Qualcomm is already shipping the new M.2 5G modules to its partners

Qualcomm is one of the world's most innovative wireless technology companies. They unveiled several 5G developments at the 5G Summit, in which many are minor improvements. However, one crucial solution addresses a significant problem and will help OEMs design 5G systems.

For notebooks with wireless connectivity, the need for manufacturers to subject their designs to a rigorous validation process is a significant problem.

It is a matter of agreeing with certain service providers in different countries with a particular wireless system and ensuring that the product released works well with the network deployed.

Therefore, it is essential to provide partners with a pre-validated reference design so that it is much easier to develop and test new products.

The advantages of manufacturers working closely together are apparent. Still, they also have a disadvantage since notebook manufacturers will have less freedom of design as they will have to adapt to a given reference.

Qualcomm 5G Summit: DAY2 Video (5g Adaptation)

To address this problem, Qualcomm is now deploying a generic 5G reference design, which they have, of course, tested with major networks around the world, and will provide this to partners on a new M.2 card.

The reference design features the company's Snapdragon X62 or X65 modems, which offer different speeds and compatible mmWave and RF modules.

All notebook manufacturers have to do is to place it in the M.2 slot of the system and then build the appropriate antennas.

Therefore, the implementation is as simple as on the reference platforms for 5G, and the notebook design can still have room to be unique.

Qualcomm is already shipping M.2 5G modules to its partners; because of that, plenty of new 5G notebooks are in the pipeline.


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