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One of the most popular antivirus programs has a new feature for mining cryptocurrency.

Norton 360 will be able to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Some users already could try out how Norton's crypto mining addon works.

Around the world, there are many people involved in cryptocurrency mining. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for hackers to secretly install software on other people's computers to produce virtual currencies for themselves.

It's no surprise that antivirus vendors often identify mining software as malware, which is why it's ironic that one of the best-known security solutions companies has now joined the party.

A new feature has been introduced to the Norton 360 platform and allows you to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Norton Crypto aims to provide a reliable and easy-to-use solution for users interested in mining, as more people are likely to choose the well-known brand over a dubious alternative. The feature is already available for testing by invited miners.

It remains to be seen how well Norton Crypto will work long-term since it will no longer be possible to produce Ethereum by mining in the future. This could mean that Norton will probably have to switch to another currency.

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