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    325 Million Dollars Worth Of Cryptocurrency Stolen From “Wormhole” Platform

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      325 Million Dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers who compromised the Wormhole platform. It was the fourth-largest robbery in the history of decentralized finance providers, and the owner had to pay for the damage. Proving that you can’t be too careful when it comes to cryptocurrencies, one of the largest decentralized […] More

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    Cybercriminals Exploit The Lack Of Regulation In The Metaverse


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    More and more money is invested in the Metaverse as popularity picks up. Unfortunately, because this industry is still unregulated, cybercriminals have many opportunities to exploit. The shared virtual environments and Metaverse are still very new, and business is already highly lucrative at this point as companies and individuals are spending billions of dollars on […] More

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    Fraud and Theft on Decentralized Markets Discussed in New Study

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    Decentralized financial platforms are becoming increasingly vulnerable to fraud and theft. According to a recent study by Elliptic, losses on these platforms have amounted to 10.5 billion this year alone. The rapidly growing but unregulated DeFi platforms also allow lending and savings, usually in a cryptocurrency, bypassing traditional financial institutions and banks altogether. As a […] More

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    Uptick in Crypto mining malware in Q1 2021

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    Cryptomining malware is rapidly evolving, and today it is much more sophisticated and harmful than in the past. It’s not only a threat to computers but also smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. Cryptomining viruses can also make their way onto computers through file-sharing programs, email attachments, and malicious websites. The number of new modified variants […] More

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    One of the most popular antivirus programs has a new feature for mining cryptocurrency.

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    Some users already could try out how Norton’s crypto mining addon works. Around the world, there are many people involved in cryptocurrency mining. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for hackers to secretly install software on other people’s computers to produce virtual currencies for themselves. It’s no surprise that antivirus vendors often identify mining software as […] More

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    Top 3 Cyber Threats Of 2018

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    2018 saw the emergence of new malware, ransomware and other innovative ways of exploiting vulnerabilities in cyber systems. Here a few of the cyber threats that defined the year. VPNFilter VPNFilter is a malware program which is believed to have been developed by Fancy Bear APT Group. The malware has been hiding in a number […] More

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    Cyber Security Firm Report That Monero-Mining Malware is Evolving

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    KingMiner is a malware program that hijacks a host computer and diverts the computer’s processing power towards mining a cryptocurrency called Monero. This malware infects Windows Servers and uses several ingenious methods to avoid detection. KingMiner was first detected back in June, and new ways were developed to detect its presence, but reports from Check […] More