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    Google’s $100 Billion Regret: The Bard Chatbot Makes a Big Mistake


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    First Impressions and High-Profile Blunders First impressions can make or break a product’s success in today’s fast-paced tech industry. This is especially true in fierce competition between tech giants, where even the slightest mistake can have significant consequences. The latest battle in this war is the merger between Microsoft and OpenAI, which has put Google […] More

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    To provide a safer search result, Google updates its ranking algorithm.

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    To provide a safer search result, Google updates its ranking algorithm. It can also completely remove rankings if it detects or receives feedback about harmful web content. Google Search can be very efficient because of the excellent performance of the ranking algorithm. However, nothing is perfect, and Google Search has to improve from a security […] More

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    Google Chrome alerts you when suspicious extensions are detected.

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    With version 91, Google has started adding new features to the browser’s advanced protection settings to filter malicious downloads and make smarter choices about plug-ins. Google is further improving the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature in the Chrome browser, protecting users from malicious chrome extensions. The program warns you via a new dialog box if Enhanced […] More

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    Google Assistant just received a bunch of family-friendly features!

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    The Broadcast feature and Family Bell got a lot more functional. Language support is much more inclusive, new stories are great, and of course, more games, which is always a plus! Do more with the broadcast feature. Google is constantly improving its helpful Assistant service, and now several solutions could be beneficial for families. The […] More

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    Chrome Makes It Easier To Reset Leaked Passwords

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    At the recent Google I/O conference, the search giant unveils a series of new features, including a password-changing solution for Chrome, notable for its security and convenience. With the new feature, if Chrome’s built-in password manager detects that passwords used on certain websites may have been leaked, Google will automatically offer a quick replacement when […] More

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    A 21-Year-Old Hacker is Heading to Jail for Selling Malware and Operating a Massive Botnet


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    A young hacker in the UK was sentenced to two years in prison for launching DDoS attacks against high-profile companies and selling hacking tools in the dark web. The 21-year-old youngster from Liverpool orchestrated coordinated attacks against some well-known brands including Google and Skype. The hacker ran a massive botnet with about seven thousand infected […] More