Oracle has patched a staggering 520 security flaws.

CISA has issued a notice urging operators to update Oracle as soon as possible

Oracle has released a patch for a critical security vulnerability in its software products. The patch addresses several critical vulnerabilities that could pose a severe threat to users.

Oracle has not been stingy with updates this quarter, reporting 520 security vulnerabilities. However, it's not just the high number of vulnerabilities but also the number of those representing significant risks to affected systems.

The company announced that it had eliminated approximately 300 security vulnerabilities that could be exploited remotely without prior authentication. Of these, a total of 75 were classified as critically dangerous.

The company also reported that three vulnerabilities had received the maximum value on the 10-CVSS vulnerability scale. These have arisen concerning Oracle Communications and Oracle Communications Applications. Oracle Communications has released 149 new updates, most of which are security fixes. The following is a list of the most notable updates:

Fusion Middleware (54)
MySQL (43)
Financial Services Applications (41)
Communications Applications (39)
Retail Applications (30)

An update to the JD Edwards software is now available, including updates to the Supply Chain, Enterprise Manager, HealthCare Applications, Java SE, Commerce, Insurance Applications, Hospitality Applications, Database Server, and VirtualBox software. In addition, CISA has issued a notice urging operators to update Oracle as soon as possible. Please see the Oracle website and the Security Portal Premium for more information on security updates.

Oracle plans to release the following quarterly updates on July 19th.

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