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    Oracle has patched a staggering 520 security flaws.

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    Oracle has released a patch for a critical security vulnerability in its software products. The patch addresses several critical vulnerabilities that could pose a severe threat to users. Oracle has not been stingy with updates this quarter, reporting 520 security vulnerabilities. However, it’s not just the high number of vulnerabilities but also the number of […] More

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    The most embarrassingly clumsy passwords of 2021

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    Nordpass, a VPN company, has once again collected the weakest passwords of the year, and the situation has not improved. If we want to remember our passwords, coming up with them can be a somewhat creative task, but as Nordpass’s annual list shows, we don’t spend much time on this critical step. Nordpass commissioned a […] More

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    8 Tips to Protect your Business from Cyber-attacks

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    As a business owner, it’s crucial to understand how cyber threats work and how you can protect your company. Cyber threats can take many forms, including hacking, malware, social engineering, and ransomware. To protect your company against cyber threats, be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest IT trends. This includes using an advanced firewall, […] More

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    A critical vulnerability was found in vCenter produced by VMware.

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    VMware, a major software supplier to the enterprise sector, has announced on its official Blog that a severe bug in one of its leading products has been found and fixed. A vulnerability, known as CVE-2021-21985, allows someone to remotely execute code on vCenter machines using default configurations if they are connected to the Internet. The […] More