Apple has released a clever video that explains the benefits of turning off app tracking.

App Tracking Transparency feature helps safeguard iPhone users’ privacy.

In an entertaining yet insightful video, Apple explains why “App Tracking Transparency” is beneficial to end-users.

In iOS 14.5, Apple unveiled the App Tracking Transparency feature to safeguard iPhone users' privacy.

You can specify which applications can track your activity, where you go and what content you share, and you can even disable all tracking if you want to.

As you can imagine, advertisers are not so happy about the move, and it is no coincidence that Facebook immediately and strongly protested against it. Apple, however, is standing firm, claiming that the privacy of its users is more important than pleasing advertisers.

To educate users, Apple has created a witty video that, at first glance, appears to be nothing but a silly skit. Still, its message is quite serious: If you don't want your apps to track your activity, you should be able to disable tracking with a simple tap.

More on how to manage app tracking activity:

Facebook says that allowing tracking will allow the company to keep the app free and feels that if users take advantage of the option offered by Apple, sooner or later, free apps that heavily rely on pushing ads to users could become paid apps.

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