The PC market is booming, IDC forecast an 18.1% growth for this year.

Nearly a million desktops and portables computers are sold every day.

In a world where PCs are at the center of most businesses, it's not surprising to see that desktop PCs have had a resurgence in popularity this year.

IDC, a market research company, has come up with another interesting piece of information, estimating that the computer market, which was boosted by the coronavirus epidemic, could grow by 18.1 percent this year, with a total of 357 million desktop and portable PCs expected to be sold in 2021.

According to analysts, the strong growth is driven by consumer demand, going hand in hand with the continued rise of technologies like home learning and teleworking. Of course, business customers and educational institutions also want to have access to an above-average number of computers.

IDC says that renewed interest in computer entertainment and gaming could also help desktop PC sales this year.

Perhaps the latest research most interesting insight is that the current chip shortage could increase desktop PCs' sales.

Because of the current shortages and potential future price increases in laptop production, many consumers may begin to shift their preference to desktop PCs.

The lack of primary components like the processor isn't holding back production, but the lack of small items such as display control circuits, sound chips, sensors, voltage regulator modules are.

Because of these supply issues, computer makers are forced to make tough hardware choices that could result in a smaller selection and higher prices.

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