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Google is building a much-needed accelerator into Chrome, and you can try it out right now.

Despite its popularity, Google Chrome has a severe flaw: it still uses a lot of memory, and opening up a dozen pages on your machine can be painfully slow. A new function wants to change this.

However we look at it, Google Chrome is the world's most popular browser, and it has a pretty big lead on other browsers. Chrome currently owns 65 percent of the browser market, while the second most popular program, Internet Explorer, has only 11 percent market share.

Chrome is excellent, but when you use a lot of tabs, or you leave them open for an extended period, you'll quickly run out of available memory which will slow down your computer. Luckily developers are now working on a solution that allows the browser to use much less RAM than it currently does.

Google is already testing this feature in Chrome Canary. Canary is a version of the browser that created for software developers. All the latest innovations show up here first and verified by the developers' community.  You can download and install for free from Google.

The new memory function is under “skip best effort tasks” in the setting page, and in terms of operation, the browser stops all lower-priority tasks, making Chrome faster and less memory-intensive.

You can try this feature by downloading Canary and then type chrome://flags/# disable-best-effort-tasks into the browser bar and select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu. Restart Canary and your browser will be more effective and will consume a lot less memory.

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