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    The LastPass Incident: Exposing Remote Work Risks

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    As remote work becomes increasingly popular, companies and employees face new cybersecurity challenges. For example, last year, LastPass, a password manager application, experienced a severe security breach that exposed the security risks of remote work. In this article, we will explore the details of the incident and its implications for remote work and discuss potential […] More

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    The most embarrassingly clumsy passwords of 2021

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    Nordpass, a VPN company, has once again collected the weakest passwords of the year, and the situation has not improved. If we want to remember our passwords, coming up with them can be a somewhat creative task, but as Nordpass’s annual list shows, we don’t spend much time on this critical step. Nordpass commissioned a […] More

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    Chrome Makes It Easier To Reset Leaked Passwords

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    At the recent Google I/O conference, the search giant unveils a series of new features, including a password-changing solution for Chrome, notable for its security and convenience. With the new feature, if Chrome’s built-in password manager detects that passwords used on certain websites may have been leaked, Google will automatically offer a quick replacement when […] More