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    How to Prepare for a Potential Ransomware Attack?

    cyber attack malware wannacry ransowmare virus encrypted files and lock on cloud computer concept hacker is offering key to unlock data for money vector illustration of security technology

    With the growth of technology, it is no news that viruses and malware can attack anyone. But, of course, everyone is aware that not all viruses are equally harmful. In today’s article, we will look at a particular virus called the ransomware virus. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a virus, malicious software that can take […] More

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    The punishment for cybercrime against U.S. companies will be much more severe.

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    As outlined in the Presidential Executive Order on the issue, practical steps are beginning to emerge on how the United States is trying to deal with ransomware attacks. Reuters has reported that could be interpreted as a response by the United States government to the increasingly frequent and problematic ransomware attacks. It was stated that […] More

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    Ransomware? Do not pay! Warns UK Home Secretary.

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    Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common, and in successful cases, can trap entire corporate networks or blackmail their victims by making their data public. The aim, unsurprisingly, is to make the ransom as high as possible. For organizations that have been victims of ransomware attacks, paying ransoms can seem like the only reasonable […] More

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    Enable Windows Defender’s Controlled Folder Access

    Windows Defender controlled folder access

    Applies to: Windows 10, version 1709 and later Controlled folder access was introduced in Windows version 1709 to provide enhanced data protection from malicious apps and viruses, such as ransomware. It is part of Windows Defender Exploit Guard. Go to the Windows Defender Security app to enable Controlled folder access. Step 1: Click the shield […] More