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    325 Million Dollars Worth Of Cryptocurrency Stolen From “Wormhole” Platform

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      325 Million Dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers who compromised the Wormhole platform. It was the fourth-largest robbery in the history of decentralized finance providers, and the owner had to pay for the damage. Proving that you can’t be too careful when it comes to cryptocurrencies, one of the largest decentralized […] More

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    Fraud and Theft on Decentralized Markets Discussed in New Study

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    Decentralized financial platforms are becoming increasingly vulnerable to fraud and theft. According to a recent study by Elliptic, losses on these platforms have amounted to 10.5 billion this year alone. The rapidly growing but unregulated DeFi platforms also allow lending and savings, usually in a cryptocurrency, bypassing traditional financial institutions and banks altogether. As a […] More