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    The punishment for cybercrime against U.S. companies will be much more severe.

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    As outlined in the Presidential Executive Order on the issue, practical steps are beginning to emerge on how the United States is trying to deal with ransomware attacks. Reuters has reported that could be interpreted as a response by the United States government to the increasingly frequent and problematic ransomware attacks. It was stated that […] More

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    Cybersecurity mitigation spending has exceeded $150 billion this past year.

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    Cybersecurity mitigation spending has exceeded $150 billion this past year, which is the highest in history. There is a significant proportion of CIOs who have invested the time and money in making their company’s cybersecurity better this year! According to the latest forecast from market analyst firm Gartner, spending on information security technologies and services […] More

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    Why Social Engineering is Still a Big Problem in 2021

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    Social engineering is one of the most commonly used methods of stealing information from individuals and businesses alike. This is a form of cyberattack that is usually difficult for a user to recognize because it mostly relies on human interaction rather than computer code. The most important thing to remember about this method of attack […] More

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    Top 3 Cyber Threats Of 2018

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    2018 saw the emergence of new malware, ransomware and other innovative ways of exploiting vulnerabilities in cyber systems. Here a few of the cyber threats that defined the year. VPNFilter VPNFilter is a malware program which is believed to have been developed by Fancy Bear APT Group. The malware has been hiding in a number […] More

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    Cyber Crime and the Law

    Cyber Crime and the Law 1

    Strategic Cybersecurity, Module 10: Cyber Crime and the Law. This lecture expands on the difficulty in determining computer intrusion attribution by discussing the challenges of constructing laws to deal with such criminal activity. The Objective Once you have completed the readings, lecture, activity, and assessment, you will be able to Describe why cybercrime investigations are […] More