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    Bits and Bytes – How Does Binary Work And How Do Computers Use It.


    binary data bit byte kilobyte gigabyte

    When working with a computer, we typically give it some form of instruction. The way computers work is based on the binary number system; they essentially use a two-symbol system consisting of one and zero.  The computer understands what we are saying by converting our instructions into a series of 0s and 1s. Bit (Binary […] More

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    Understanding Binary and the DNS


    Understanding Binary and the DNS

    Strategic Cybersecurity, Module 2: Understanding Binary and the DNS. This lecture focuses on two main ideas about digital information: how digital information is stored, and how that stored information is translated into textual data.   The Objectives Once you have completed the readings, lecture, activity, and assessment, you will be able to: Articulate the connection […] More